Dr. Nathan B. Magee (Nate) is a Professor of Physics at TCNJ, and Director and PI for the TCNJ Noyce Physics Teacher Education Project, sponsored by the National Science Foundation.   Nate routinely teaches both physics and atmospheric science courses at TCNJ, and his primary research uses novel experimental techniques to improve scientific understanding of the interactions between clouds and climate.   Nate is also deeply involved in national and local efforts to improve physics teacher education, and he also collaborates on curricular projects to create scientifically accurate and engaging curricula to help students understand the science of climate-change.

Dr. Magee is dedicated to involving TCNJ students in all aspects of his research.  His research has been funded by the Research Corporation,  NASA, U.S. National Science Foundation, U.S. Department of Energy, and the New Jersey SeaGrant. 

If you are interested in a research collaboration, course materials, or any other questions, please contact Nate at magee@tcnj.edu